Vehicle Graphics

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  1. Quality materials, fit for the usage intended.

    Side by side, 2 very different vinyls can look exactly the same. Consequently, this can hide the real story behind the vinyls. We only use vinyls of the highest quality for the purpose intended. All our full colour prints are laminated in a quality clear film that protects the print, and further extends the life of the graphics.

  2. Quality application, by trained applicators.

    Our installers are professionals and highly experienced. Therefore, they

    • Carrying the correct liability insurance
    • Passing a rigorous hands-on test
    • Commit to follow proper installation procedures.
  3. We refuse to cut corners.

    The greatest film in the world is useless unless it is installed to your vehicle correctly. There are many examples around the area of vehicles that show the graphics lifting, or “popping” out of the channels. Poor material choice and/or application methods may cause this (sometimes the condition of the vehicle can be a cause) .

    As tempting as it is to substitute cheaper materials, and rush a job, our experience is that this ALWAYS ends up costing more in the long term. We refuse to cut corners, therefore minimising the chances of ever having to re-do graphic work.

    Factors that ensure you get a great vehicle graphic job that lasts

    • Letting any panel beating settle for several weeks before applying graphics
    • Ensuring the vehicle is delivered to us clean with no build up of materials around fixtures.  Please no POLISH on the vehicle this effects the adherence of the vinyl
    • Pre and post heating of the vehicle and vinyl to the correct temperature. Conformable vehicle grade films have a “memory” that needs to be re-set once the film is applied
    • Correctly cleaning the surface prior to application. Although an expensive liquid, we clean all vehicle surfaces with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol). This prepares the surface in the best possible way for the graphics to adhere correctly
    • Post care instructions to educate you on the care of your vehicle graphics.

    All of the above matters and the end result is strongly influenced by the quality of the preparation and application.

  4. Quality in-house graphic design by specialists.

    Our prices include the design component to do a wrap. Wrapping a car requires very specific design skills. Our team have designed hundreds, and are specialists at designing for a 3 dimensional object.

    After we measure and photograph your vehicle, we will meet with you to discuss your requirements, gather together all of the required elements such as logos, colours, photos, etc, then design some concepts for you to approve. The concepts are superimposed on to the photos of your vehicles to size and scale, to make the approval process much easier for you.