Illuminated Signage

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Illuminated signage is the way to advertise your business even when the sun goes down!

Certainly illuminated light boxes, individual letters or fabric light boxes are a wonderful way to advertise your business, especially during the winter months.

Light boxes

With the advances in technology, light boxes are

  • becoming more efficient moving towards LED technology and away from neon
  • no longer limited to just a rectangular box! In other words, you can break out of the box and have your message in a shape more in line with your identity

For example, advances in LED technology always your signage to incorporate many different colours, no longer just white, or even changing colours.  Similarly LED technology helps to reduce the running costs of your illuminated signage.

Using different construction methods, light boxes can incorporate vinyl cut lettering, digital images or even 3D cut lettering or a combination of these, adding interest and style to your illuminated message.

Individual Letters

Through the use of different materials to construct the individual letters, it is possible to create many different illuminated effects.

For instance, individually fabricated letters can be

  • lit from within, or
  • lit from within but with a opaque face to make them glow, or
  • mounted off the wall on pins and lit from the back to give a halo effect, or
  • mounted to a opaque light box allowing the letters shine through, or
  • contact us to discuss your ideas.

Certainly ideal for retail or corporate application, both internally and externally.

New advances

The advances in solar technology allows us to illuminate your external signage without the need for electrical connection. Talk to us about the different options available.

Fabric light boxes are rapidly evolving, and give your internal message more impact than s simple poster.  As a result, these light boxes are designed

  • to be simple to change,
  • efficient to run, and
  • perfect for your internal illuminated signage.

For example, we supply a range of printed fabrics to fit your installed light box, and you can change your message as many times as you like.

In addition, our fabric light boxes can incorporate shelving etc to the light box for an even more unique look.

Free-standing custom designed light boxes whether in your foyer, as your shop display or for a promotion allow you to have complete freedom to change your signage. These light boxes are uniquely yours, designed to show your company and products just the way you want.

If you are looking to illuminate your message, talk to us and let us help you design a fantastic piece.