Other Services

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Being a full service centre, we can provide the following services:-

  • Graphic Design – with a full-time designer on site, we can take your concept through to design and beyond, giving you a cohesive branding package. Or if you need to tweak an existing design, we can do that
  • Project Management – let us handle the whole process for you to reduce your stress. We can apply to council on your behalf, offer traffic control management if required, and oversee the whole installation process, to ensure workplace compliance and safety are paramount
  • Sign Cleaning
  • Installation & removal – we can install or remove your signage as required on your site. Everything from window graphics or internal signage with mounts to individual letters on the outside of buildings. Our team can operate machinery and with the support of Council and access to road and traffic companies, it is possible for us to install your signage with minimal disruption, but with the highest safety.

Safety is incredible important to us and we will conduct a site visit on more complex sign installations to ensure that we are fully versed in all risk concerns and will seek advice from our suppliers to ensure that we have the correct equipment and all risks assessed to provide a smooth installation. We can install out of hours if this is required to meet safety and installation requirements. Please inform the team if this will be required so we can ensure that we have a team available out of hours for your installation.

We will never place our staff at risk and therefore it is sometimes necessary for us to delay an installation due to weather but our clients will be notified if this is required.