Statutory Signs

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Signarama Pittwater, based on the Northern Beaches, understands Statutory Signage. This refers to signage that is required to be installed on commercial, retail and residential developments in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). This Code sets the requirements for fire services signage, various emergency services, danger signage, toilet signage, braille signage and more within a particular building or development. Further to the BCA standards, all signage required must comply with Australian Standards and be installed at correct viewing heights and be designed with appropriate text heights and contrasting colours.

Our statutory signage packages are designed to comply with the regulations and also to look attractive, with artwork to complement your other building and way-finding signage for seamless integration, or a new innovative design to flow throughout the development or update existing tired looking signage in line with the renovation/refurbishment.

The process of preparing your statutory signage can be started at any stage of the buildings life. Many of our clients approach us before construction starts to prepare full signage schedules with a free site visit or directly from supplied plans and an itemised quote, or an organised site visit prior to hand-over to ensure all statutory requirements of the completed building are accounted for.